Committed to the growing demands of the Waste Management Sector, our company through the services it provides, aims to promote Waste Recycling Packaging from Non – Municipal Waste, i.e., Industrial and Commercial Packaging Waste.

Industrial and Commercial Waste is one of the most significant sources of recyclable materials. This sector focuses on recording and promotion (through financial incentives to the companies they collect and market materials) of the recycling achieved in its field industry and commerce (e.g., from retail chains, warehouses, production units, etc.). The purpose of the system is to give incentives for collectors to be more active in areas or in materials of no economic interest.

The Recyclable Materials on which our Company focuses in, are:

Plastic Scrap
Electrical & Electronic Equipment Waste
Municipal Solid Waste
Construction & Demolition Excavation Waste
Organic Waste
Bulky Materials

ECOSTART SA has a fleet of vehicles with contemporary and high-tech equipment for the collection of all recyclable materials, and the safe transportation to licensed facilities for processing.